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Last updated: 11/26/22 at 6:38am

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2021-2022 Covid Operations


49 family and friends,

We want to keep you informed of our plans and preparations for this season to ensure that everyone can feel as safe and comfortable as possible. We’re so grateful for the incredible support and cooperation from all of you that made last season possible, and we look forward to hitting the slopes with all of you again this year. As we have all become accustomed to, protocols and guidelines are subject to change, but based on what we know now here’s what to expect this season:

Lift Tickets & Reservations

Lift tickets are available for purchase online now through our new Online Shop!! We highly recommend that all guests purchase their tickets in advance through the 49 Degrees North Web Store. We will once again be subject to some capacity limitations. This will mean that only so many tickets will be available each day. While we don’t foresee outdoor capacity limitations being a significant obstacle this season, purchasing tickets in advance for specific dates will be the only way to guarantee availability for those buying day tickets. This will be especially true for Weekends and Holiday periods where we do expect to reach capacity, and will likely have to turn some guests away if they have not purchased in advance. Please note, Season Pass holders will not need advance reservations to ensure access to the mountain at this time.


Face Masks/Coverings

Face Masks/Coverings will be required in all indoor spaces unless you are seated and actively eating or drinking. Outdoors, masks are encouraged in high traffic areas, but will not be required; Social distancing is encouraged both indoors and outside.


Food and Beverage/Indoor seating

We are excited to be able to once again start a season with seated dining available inside. We were also able to increase indoor capacity and expand seating in the lodge. With additional space, there’s room for the whole family to enjoy their favorites from the Boomtown Bar, Quickturn Café and Cy’s Café.

While we’re excited to have more guests indoors this season, there will be capacity limitations inside as well, especially on busier days. Guests are encouraged to enjoy what time they need indoors, and to respectfully return outside once they’re finished. Everyone is invited to eat, drink, shop or even gear up inside of the lodge but on crowded days, please be mindful of other guests who may be waiting to enter the facilities, warm up, and grab a bite to eat. Outside food and drink will not be permitted inside at this time.


Gear Storage

One major update we’re excited to share with you all is the introduction of smart day-lockers! Not only have we introduced space downstairs for guests to store their gear for the day, but these lockers are smart. Lockers can be operated entirely from your smart phone. You can pay by scanning a QR code at your locker of choice. You can access the locker as many times as you like over the day, and even share your code amongst family members to give access to more than one person. There will be no gear storage allowed inside the lodge, with the exception of the locker. Bags or gear left unattended in the lodge will be moved to lost and found, and a storage fee will be charged. Feel free to gear up for your big day of skiing or snowboarding inside, but gear must be stored either in a day locker or in your vehicle.


Guest Contact Points:

All guest contact points including the Snowsports School desks, Ticket Office stations, Rental Shop desks, Alpine Shop, Espresso and Cafe have been fitted with clear plexiglass barriers to protect guests and staff. Sanitization stations will be available around the lodge and at high frequency touch points for guests and staff. We will continue with a robust cleaning schedule throughout the lodge as well.


Snowsports School

We continue to provide a variety of lesson offerings to allow individuals or families to get out and enjoy winter in the mountains, despite the added challenges of the pandemic. Like all indoor spaces, face masks/coverings will be required inside of the Snowsport School office. While wearing face masks/coverings outdoors is not required, students are encouraged to wear a face mask/covering while in close proximity with their lesson group.

Our Snowsports School is likely to be subject to indoor capacity limitations, so it will be best practice to browse lesson packages and details on our website, and to purchase lessons in advance on our new Online Shop! This way you can spend less time in the Snowsports School office and more time on the mountain. Please plan ahead and purchase your lesson in advance to guarantee availability. Reservations will be required for certain lesson products or packages.


Rental Shop

As with our other indoor spaces, our rental shop is likely to be subject to capacity limitations. Luckily, our new Online Shop makes purchasing rentals in advanced easier than ever! We encourage all guests to purchase rentals ahead of time so that your rental is ready for pick-up once you arrive. This will speed up the rental process on site, allowing guests to get out of the rental shop and onto the lifts even faster. The only storage available inside the Rental Shop will be for footwear, for those renting equipment. All other personal belongings will need to be stored in day lockers or personal vehicles.


Lift Lines

While masks are not required outdoors or while waiting in lift lines currently, we are encouraging face coverings and social distancing in those areas and other high traffic spaces. At this time there are no requirements as to who you group with to ride the chairlift, only that guests respect other’s wishes and safety.

2020-2021 Covid operations update